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Il Trovatore @ Seattle Opera

We were already going to recommend Verdi's spectacular Il Trovatore for it's action packed-ness and saturation with hit songs (you'll spend the whole night going "Ohhh. THAT'S where that song comes from.") But then we found this little gift from the internet:

And now we love Trovatore even more just for introducing us to this opera-loving wunderkind who recreates his favorite arias in his bedroom with his cats.

He says:

"I love opera and hope you like it too.

I don't think OPERA needs to be brought to people - PEOPLE should be brought to the opera!

I enjoy alternative interpretations of opera for contemporary culture and entertainment.

I would love to hear your ideas."

Our idea is we love you.

Il Trovatore
Seattle Opera
Through January 30th
NOTE: The Opera tends to sell out. We strongly recommend calling ahead to check on Teen Tix availability. 206.389.7676
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