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Two BIG things are coming this Fall for teens interested in pursuing writing. Does that sound like you? Read on!

"What is criticism and why does it matter?" Explore this question and more in the Young Critics Workshop! In short, it's an arts criticism seminar open to 11th and 12th graders who are interested in exploring arts journalism. In YCW, you'll take classes, field trips to see art that you'll then review, and have discussions with a panel of real-life arts journalists. This class has been going strong since 2007--join and you'll be a part of the next generation of young arts critics.

Culture Writing 101 is a new class developed in response to the growing prevalence of serious writing about popular culture. This one is also open to 11th and 12th graders. Developed and taught by prolific writer and pop culturalist Danielle Henderson (inventor of the Feminist Ryan Gosling Meme!!! pictured above), this class will focus on media literacy and race, class, and gender analyses of popular culture. Classes will be structured around reading and critiquing one another's work, and will feature one large field trip centered around a contemporary work of art. If you like memes, getting better at stuff, and delving deep into the world of pop culture, this class is for you!

In both classes, students are paired for a final project with editing partners to share and edit three separate pieces of writing over the course of one month. Guest journalists will include Seattle Times Theatre Critic Misha Berson, CityArts Editor-in-Chief Leah Baltus, Seattle Magazine Arts Editor Brangien Davis, KUOW arts reporter Marcie Sillman, The Stranger Arts Editor Jen Graves, and Jezebel writer Lindy West, among others.

Registration for these classes is not yet open. BUT! Because we like you, if you click here you can sign up to be notified via email once it is. Deal? Deal. Now get out there and pursue your writing dreams!

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