SNAPSHOTS: Teens-Only Night With Young Americans’ Theatre Company!

It's an idea so radical, it could only have been thought up by those rebels at the Young Americans' Theatre Company (who had the crazy notion three years ago that teenagers could handle material that dealt with - gasp! - sex and - horror! - drugs - and, y'know, violence, and complicated feelings and all that stuff that makes high school administrators run screaming in the other direction.) It's a TEENS-ONLY night of theatre. No adults allowed (okay, two adults allowed - Pete and I will be there, cleverly disguised as teenagers. Got any tips?)

For their production of Polaroid Stories, YATC invites you to join them for a pre-show party with photo booth (!) and refreshments by Café Vita. The photos you take can be taken home or contributed to the lobby display - a collage of pictures and teen pocket detritus - for Polaroid Stories:

"This cutting edge script blends a modern interpretation of Ovid's Metamorphoses with an exploration of the life teenagers live on the streets. A searingly blunt and beautifully visceral piece, it unites interviews with real homeless adolescents and slam poetry to create a love story unlike any other. Meditating on what home means to those who eternally wander, it begs the question: on whom do we depend for survival, and from whom do we forever seek escape?"

WHAT? Teens Only Night with Young Americans' Theatre Company
WHEN? Thursday, August 5th
7pm: Party
8pm: Polaroid Stories
WHERE?Balagan Theatre, 1117 E Pike St, Capitol Hill
HOW MUCH? $5 for Teen Tix members, $12 for students. Tickets available NOW at Space is extremely limited. We strongly encourage buying tickets in advance.
RULES? No adults allowed. No one under 14 admitted due to mature content. This is an alcohol- and drug-free event.

About YATC:

"The Young Americans' Theatre Company fulfills a distinct niche in Seattle's theatre community. It operates as the only uncensored and teenage run forum, for actors, directors and designers, in the city while serving as an ever-evolving platform for young artists to challenge themselves through their work in a supportive, dedicated environment. We believe that YATC's productions hold relevance for teenage and adult audiences alike. Young artists can create meaningful, dynamic, and passionate contributions that stand on their own, regardless of age or intent. Our purpose is to offer an environment that cultivates this belief." Visit YATC's facebook.

Note to parents: This event will be supervised by two Teen Tix staff members. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 206-233-3959 or
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