Review of RoboPop! at Washington Ensemble Theatre by Tavis H.

The theater is a fickle broad; she’s either flooring and fantastic, or mediocre and disappointing. However, Washington Ensemble Theater once again has managed to produce a show so sexy, so fresh, and so Robo-dacious, that you'll want to rip off your clothes with the performers and do the robot; a dance once thought dead, now gloriously revived by WET.

RoboPop! Is an epic piece of performance art yet, simultaneously, it is extremely difficult to label what exactly RoboPop! is. It’s not a ballet, not a neo-opera, but it’s more an extraordinarily hip narrative of modern theater that falls more on the side of hardcore Japanese theater. Yes my friends, we are dealing with tech-Noh.

If you don't go see this there is clearly something wrong with you.

The premise of the piece is a baffling extravaganza including inter-technological romance, a clashing society, partial nudity, and plot-triggers involving teddy bears. Despite its seemed ridiculousness, it is truly a fantastic work of art that will make you want to bust it out on the dance floor as well as restore your faith in the future of modern theater.

It is very difficult to reveal more of the plot because, if one were to do so, it would ruin the surprise of the technical phantasmagoria concocted by Heidi Ganser, Ben Zamora, and WET. Despite this journalistic flaw, all one can say is that RoboPop! is a great piece of art, theater, and entertainment that will never cease to enthrall and surprise you with tender depth and gut-busting laughter.

RoboPop! most certainly is one of the hottest tickets in town, and it would show great shortcomings in one’s personality if they didn’t at least make an attempt to attend a showing; you won’t be disappointed.

- Tavis H.
April 16th, 2010

Washington Ensemble Theatre
Through May 10th
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