The (great) Teen Tix video testimonial project

Teen Tixers, we need your help!

Every day we hear stories from teenagers whose lives have been changed in big and small ways by getting the chance to see art through Teen Tix. Now we need your help to make sure that some other people - some important people - get to hear those stories, too. Can you take five minutes to record a short video explaining why Teen Tix is important to you?

We've been making the arts accessible for teenagers for almost 6 years now. Over 13,000 teenagers have used a Teen Tix pass to attend the arts in Seattle since 2004. Your video could be the thing that makes it possible for all of us here at Teen Tix to keep doing what we do for years to come. It doesn't have to be fancy or long, just honest. Testify!

Here's one, by Teen Tix member Tracy M., to get you started:

Four ways to submit your video:

1. Post it to our Youtube page as a video response to Jacob's video
2. Email it to
3. Post it to our facebook fan page
4. Post it as a comment to our myspace page.

No video camera? No problem! Just send us an email explaining why Teen Tix is important to you. We may even send someone out to record you telling your story!

The sooner we get your video, the sooner we can start putting it to good use. So go do one. Right now! It's better than doing homework, right?
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