Apply for the New Guard and BE THE FUTURE

​Attention high school students with a passion for the arts: The New Guard is better than puppies and unicorns.

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Are you always trying to get people to go to shows? Do you value diversity + access? Are you vaguely interested in a career in the arts? Or, perhaps, you're simply the only person you know who likes opera.

Then, it seems, you're a perfect candidate for The New Guard: Teen Arts Leadership Society! What is The New Guard, you ask? (We assume you asked. We can't hear you but we're pretty sure you're telepathically communicating to ask us this question.)

As a member, you'll help steer the direction of TeenTix and arts outreach for young people. You'll assist in planning major events, like The Teeny Awards. You'll meet arts leaders in Seattle and interview them about their positions, participate in mentorships, and focus on arts management, arts marketing, fundraising, or artistic planning. Also, most importantly, you'll eat snacks at EVERY MEETING!

Still with us? Heck yeah you are! Meetings begin in mid-July in anticipation of The Teeny Awards. If you're 13-19 and you want to play for the team of the future, hit us up!

You can apply online TODAY and applications are due by June 1, 2015 at the latest. Ready, set, GO!!!

Any questions? Email us at or call us at 206.233.3959.

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