Balagan’s Preview Party Social Media Takeover Extravaganza!


Balagan Theatre, TeenTix partner and all-around awesome organization, is throwing a Preview Party for their 2013-14 season-- and they invited 5 members of our TeenTix Press Corps to attend! It's gonna feature a ton of performances by insanely talented folks like Jinkx Monsoon, winner of Season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race, Alice Ripley, star of Next to Normal on B'way and Tony Award Winning Actress, as well as two other Broadway beauties, Kendra Kassebaum and Louis Hobson!

Sounds super great, right? Oh, wait, we forgot to mention: we are handing over the reins of our entire social media presence to those TeenTix Press Corps members. Yeah, you read that right. That means that starting at 7:30 tonight, June 10th, every post on our Facebook, Twitter, and Blog will be from teens, just like YOU.

We should mention that the party is totally, 100% free to attend--but if you're watching the tweets, the status updates, and the liveblogging action, it'll be just like you're part of the audience because these posts are gonna be ALL. UP. IN. YOUR. FEED!!!

So, without further ado, we proudly introduce to you the representative TeenTix Press Corps members of the night who will be rocking our virtual world:

Sam H. is a 16 year old, soon-to-be-junior at Big Picture High School in Des Moines.

Among assistant directing and choreographing,
she's also in "Godspell" with the Hi-Liners (Burien, WA)
along with being in Teen Tix's own Renton Civic Theatre's
Summer Teen Musical "Legally Blonde"!

Sam will be in charge of status updates
on our Facebook during the Preview Party!
Look for her posts here.

Monet C. is 18 and goes to Cascadia Community College.

"I am always down for a walk on the beach,
playing with my dog Brody, singing showtunes,
learning about plants, and generally enjoying life
the way it was intended to be lived.....fully and with great joy."

Monet is all about the tweets.
She'll be updating our Twitter at the event.

Isabella D. is 14 years old and attends Washington Middle School.

Isabella is a violinist/fiddler,
and an avid musical junkie, whose idea of a perfect day
usually involves time spent making music,
listening to music, or learning music - or preferably, all three.

Isabella is gonna rock the long blog post after the event,
right here on our blog.

As Editor-in-Chief of The Puma Press,
University Prep’s award-winning student newspaper,
Kally P. enjoys bossing underclassmen around
and even writing the occasional article.

Her other hobbies include prancing and dancing on stage
and in grocery stores alike. Having trained for thirteen years,
her life long dream is to become Nina Ballerina (tiara included)
or Natalie Portman (minus the psychotic break downs),
but arts writing is a lovely fallback.

Tonight, Kally is gonna liveblog the heck outta the Preview Party!

Jennie K. enjoys watching movies
and reading books in order to feel productive.

In her spare time, she often annoys her little sister.

Jennie will also be liveblogging the event tonight!

OK, just to review...

WHEN: Tonight, June 10 @ 7:30 PM
WHERE: The Moore DOWNTOWN / Your computer screen!
WHAT: Teen Press Corps members are taking over TeenTix social media sites!
HOW MUCH: Free to attend, free to follow online

Alright! You've met your team, you know the deets -- let the Teen Takeover begin!!!

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