Wanna help steer the boat?

Teen Tix Seeks New Members for its Teen Steering Committee

Are you a regular use Teen Tix member? Do you have strong thoughts and opinions? Looking for a new volunteer opportunity? Want to rule the world?

If so, then we want YOU!

Teen Tix is recruiting new members for its Teen Steering Committee. The committee meets once a month to discuss all issues Teen Tix. Help us shape the future of the program, find ways to improve things, recruit new members, and generally keep it real. Special perks are involved, and your presence valued. Come join us!

If interested, email teentix@seattle.gov for more information.

Here are profiles on a couple of our current members. You could find yourself here soon!

Zoe Barker-Aderem is a senior at Garfield. She works at a local deli, earning money to travel after high school. She has been an active participant in Garfield's Drama Club and is co-captain of the school's Orca Bowl team. Before she began working, Zoe had been a member of the Stone Garden's Junior Climbing Team for three years. Zoe is also a Young Playwrights Program Alum, her play "The House on 46th and Holly" was performed as part of the 2005 Young Playwrights Festival.

Jasmin Kwan is an ex-gymnast [just retired after 14 years!] residing in Ballard. She just graduated with the class of '08 from Ballard High School, and currently attends Cornish College of the Arts. Photography is Jasmin’s 'thang' and she hopes it takes her somewhere in the future. In her own words: I'm ultra involved with the Vera Project at Seattle Center, it's become my second home. I'm all about all ages everything seeing as I'm still 17, I love Teen Tix cause I've been using it for 5 years and . . . it's awesome! Now I'm part of the Steering Committee, could life get any better?!
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