FREE Summer Camp Spots for TeenTix Members

Enjoy the perks of your TeenTix membership when you attend these FREE camps with Seattle Public Theater!


Our INCREDIBLY generous friends at Seattle Public Theater are offering up to 65 FREE scholarships to TeenTix Members this summer! <3

You'll be able to explore the world through dialects, sharpen your stage combat skills, or dive deeper into Broadway's smash hit Hamilton. See the full offerings and sign up below using this form--now, go forth and MAKE ART!

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Take Audition Prep with Seattle Shakes!

​Now through June 15, Seattle Shakespeare is offering a discount for one of their Camp Bill offerings!

Audition Prep Camp 2018

Hey, aspiring actors!

Our friends at Seattle Shakespeare Company wanted us to tell you that they're offering a ~special~ discount for their Audition Prep Camp from July 30 - August 3, from 1 - 4 PM, for students 9th grade and above. To register for this class, go here and simply use the code AUDITION30 for $30 off enrollment now through next Friday, June 15th!

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Confusing in All the Right Ways

​Review of JACK & at On the Boards, written by TeenTix Press Corps Member Juneaux L!

01 Jack Nateandkeisha Bychristophermyers Image01

Going into a performance or art display of any kind without given any sort of information about the performance beforehand is certainly a curious and exciting experience. Going in to see JACK &, this fact didn't change. I found the steadiness of the fish in the bowl theme to be quite intriguing, given the fact that, in hindsight, I believe it represented much more than what it originally seemed to.

The beginning set up of the show is a blue and turquoise mandala in the center of the stage; on its outskirts, a fishbowl and some cans of Crush soda sit on a stool. Green racks stand to the right side of the stage. On the left sits a computer and speakers on a table, and behind that is a circular tarp.

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Forgotten Black Brilliance

​Review of Figuring History at Seattle Art Museum. Written by TeenTix Press Corps Member Will S!

Mtdejeuner Resize

I’m skeptical about art exhibits, I enjoy them enough, but find trouble in writing reviews for them. The art of painting has never been a breathtaking experience for me, in creating or viewing, and so when visiting paintings I find that my perspectives can be more negative and unappealing than most. But with "Figuring History," I was surprised—it felt new and different. The exhibit features three different artists, who all portray black America and forgotten black figures.

George Washington Carver Crossing the Delaware: Page from an American History Textbook, 1975, Robert Colescott

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Strategically Highlighted in Glitter

​Review of Figuring History at Seattle Art Museum. Written by TeenTix Press Corps Member Lily W!

Colescott Resize

“Figuring History,” - a powerful new exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum- insists on representation for the underrepresented. “Figuring History” features the cross-generational work of three artists—Robert Colescott, Kerry James Marshall, and Mickalene Thomas—whose paintings highlight the ways in which people of color have been traditionally left out of art and history. This exhibition changes the subject of the rich history of painting, and tells the stories of people of color from their own perspectives. This, combined with the exuberance of each artist’s work, makes this exhibition a must-see.

The exhibit begins with the paintings of Robert Colescott (1925-2009), who invokes a dream-like quality through warped figures that meld into each other in large mural-like paintings where you don’t quite know where to look. His work highlights people of color in history who many have never heard of, often juxtaposing these little known but important figures with less noble caricatures of black people. One of the first paintings in the exhibition, “Knowledge of the Past is the Key to the Future: Matthew Henson and the Quest for the North Pole,” depicts Matthew Henson, a black man who played a major role in the first team of explorers who reached the North Pole in 1906. This painting, and others in the series, highlight the lack of knowledge about the vital role people of color have played in history, and points out how detrimental that is to today's youth of color who don’t see themselves represented positively in history or popular culture.

Souvenir I, 1997, by Kerry James Marshall

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Individuality and Uniqueness

​Review of Black Bois by Dani Tirrell at On the Boards. Written by TeenTix Press Corps Member Mayyadah Z!

Black Bois Ishisaka 6460 Edit Web

This performance was very moving for me because the social issues that were brought up are happening in our world right now. I loved that throughout the piece the dancers got a chance to scream as loud as they could and let out all their anger from the injustices they experience everyday of their lives. I have not experienced the prejudice these people have, but I know how terribly they have been treated and how unfair it is that just because of the color of their skin they are treated differently.

Throughout the piece the dancers also shared stories of those who have died from not just police brutality but also from suicide. They also shed light on much less mentioned stories such as those of black trans men and women who have died that aren’t in the news as much. The whole show was supporting individuality and uniqueness which was so amazing to see. In today’s society we are taught that a certain body type or sexuality is ideal, but there isn’t an ideal person in my opinion. Everyone should appreciate and celebrate their differences, rather than putting down themselves and others because of them.

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Rarely Shown Complexities of Black Men

​Review of Black Bois by Dani Tirrell at On the Boards. Written by TeenTix Press Corps Member Jocelyn A!

Black Bois Ishisaka Web

Heading into the dimly lit theater that is On the Boards to see Dani Tirrell’s Black Bois, I was met with soft blue lights, a talkative audience, and 90’s hip hop. But even with this, I could not anticipate how poignant this performance would be. Reducing Black Bois, to just “a dance piece” would be embarrassingly unjust. It is a brilliant and moving work of art, that transcends labeling it into one genre. Black Bois tells the story of how black bodies are treated, and how they reconcile and express a range of emotions.

Taking in the stage, Tirrell has arranged it in a way for the audience to always have something to look at; my eyes could roam left to right ending on the table and chairs adorned with candles. Bringing together poetry written by J Mase III and original live music written by Benjamin Hunter, Tirrell assembled an ear-catching team to compliment his choreography and the visual works of Roache the Muralist.

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La Vie Magnifique de Charlie, le Film Très Magnifique

Review of ​La Vie Magnifique de Charlie at Langston Hughes African American Film Festival. Written by TeenTix Press Corps Member Jessie B.


La Vie Magnifique de Charlie premiered in Seattle at the Langston Hughes African American Film Festival on April 20. A short film by Sewra G. Kidane, titled Proclamation Punctuation, showed before the feature film.

Official Gifs for Gee Spot Cine fashion film Proclamation Punctuation ... an homage to the exclamation point!!

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Carpets Are Unrolled. Nerf Guns Are Shot.

​Review of Patti & the Kid at On the Boards, written by TeenTix Press Corps Member Anya S.!


A bright, gray light illuminates the stage, which is empty except for a tired, sagging tree; two rock-like structures made of carpet; and orange cords hanging from the ceiling. The audience, hushed, waits for thirty seconds. The stage is still. Fifteen seconds more. Nothing. People start rustling in their seats. Another fifteen seconds, and an alarm clock starts blaring. Carpets are unrolled. Nerf guns are shot. Patti & The Kid has begun. For the first half of the play, uncomfortable silence seems to be the norm. In their post-Apocalyptic world, Patti and Kid never speak; rather, the only soundtrack is the blaring of a CD player, which accompanies the two characters as they Jazzercise, eat carrots, and make coffee—completely normal activities, which perfectly juxtapose with the strangeness of the situation. Patti and Kid are wary of the area outside their carpets, and only leave their spaces when standing on a small rolling carpet square and pushing themselves around with a broom. The only technology onstage is old—the clunky CD player, the coffee maker, the alarm clock—yet clearly integral to these characters’ lives.

One starts to believe the silence is some sort of side effect from the Apocalypse. But then Tammy—the antithesis of Patti and Kid, a little girl who seems to have no problem with this new, post-Apocalyptic world—arrives with her feet firmly planted on the ground. She breaks both the fourth wall,addressing the audience directly,and whatever spell has kept Patti and Kid from speaking. While the two characters’ actions originally have the tired, monotonous air of repetition, their silence shows they have performed their morning routine so many times that no words are needed; with the entrance of Tammy, Patti and Kid move into uncharted territory, and discuss previously buried parts of their lives through cathartic monologues.

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Expect the Unexpected

Review of Patti & The Kid at On the Boards​, written by TeenTix Press Corps Member Emily B.!


How do you expect a play to begin?

With an almost deserted stage which remains still and silent for an uncomfortably long period? A stage which, even when filled with movement, will be devoid of voice for a large portion of the play?

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TWO Teen Nights this Saturday!

​It's the ultimate showdown--which will you choose?


Not just one, but TWO of our beloved Arts Partners are hosting Teen Nights at the SAME TIME on Saturday, May 19th. See what's on and make your choice this weekend!

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Help make TeenTix better.

​Take the 2018 TeenTix Member Survey and enter to win FREE arts & culture tickets!


TEENTIX MEMBERS: Tell us how we can make TeenTix better, describe your arts-going habits, and make your voice HEARD when you fill out our 2018 TeenTix Member Survey! It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete, and we hope you'll take the time to add your feedback.

Each TeenTix member (aged 13 - 19) that fills out the survey is entered to win a ~grand prize~ of FREE tickets to each of the following: ACT Theatre, The Wing Luke Museum, NW African American Museum, ComedySportz Seattle, and the Space Needle. Just fill out your information at the end of the survey so we can contact you if you win!

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GiveBIG SUPERSTAR Thomas Van Doren

Thomas Photo

It's ANOTHER GiveBIG SUPERSTAR highlight: Thomas Van Doren!

What’s a TeenTix GiveBIG SUPERSTAR? A SUPERSTAR is a devoted TeenTix supporter who can't get enough of the crazy GiveBIG energy. Every GiveBIG SUPERSTAR exceeds our exceptations year after year. Thomas is not only a TeenTix Board member and a lead volunteer helping us with our Teens Count project - he's also given to GiveBIG for the last 2 years.

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New Guard Applications are OPEN!

Apply today to be a teen ambassador for TeenTix: The New Guard is now accepting new members!


Are you passionate about youth arts access? Do you organize artsy outings with your friends? Are you in the know about Seattle's arts scene and want to explore even more? This application is FOR YOU.

The New Guard: Teen Arts Leadership Society is formally an arts leadership training program, but really this group is the heart and soul of TeenTix. New Guardians play a central role in guiding the development of TeenTix programs and events, identify organizational values and serve as the primary teen ambassadors for TeenTix.

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2018 Summer Opportunities for Teens

​Stay active & keep your creativity going this summer with these exciting classes, workshops, and camps!


It's the most wonderful time of the year: SUMMER. Below is a comprehensive list of ALL OUR PARTNERS' opportunities for youth this year, conveniently separated by genre. Dive in and make this summer the best one yet!


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Work with TeenTix

We've got opportunities for Spring and Summer!


Are you a TeenTix superfan? Do you want to get an inside look behind the scenes of what we do and make arts access happen for teens across Washington state? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. Peruse our positions below and apply today!

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Jaw-Dropping Feats of Acrobatics

​Read this review of the 2018 Moisture Festival by New Guard member, Anya S.!


The first thing I noticed upon my arrival to the Moisture Festival at Hale’s Palladium was the long line that wound out the door. I knew the show was “family-friendly” (I was at a matinee, after all), but had interpreted the term more loosely, in a there-may-be-swearing-bring-kids-at-your-own-risk sort of way. But the number of young kids in line with their parents surprised me.

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Your art could be featured!

Apply now to see or perform your art in the all-teen-curated Teen Arts & Opportunity Fair!

One of our favorite things about The New Guard: Teen Arts Leadership Society is that it opens doors for teens to create and curate the art they want to see in the world. In true youth arts leadership fashion, New Guard members Abbey S. and Esme D. are piloting a brand new annual program: the Teen Arts & Opportunity Fair, happening May 6th at Washington Hall!

From Abbey: "This is an event where teens can come with their friends and families to check out the different arts opportunities that our city offers through TeenTix & our partners. We are calling this an ‘Opportunity Fair’ and not a ‘Career Fair’ to promote exploration of the many various opportunities to engage in as a teenager in our community."

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Apply Now: FREE Improv Class for TeenTix Members!

​Mistakes? NAH. They're gifts! Learn the ways of Improv with Unexpected Productions in this FREE class.


If you love fun, laughing, and building skills in public speaking & self-confidence--this class is for you! Our longtime Arts Partner Unexpected Productions is very generously offering TeenTix members the opportunity to take Teen Improv 101: Dynamic YouthProv! for FREE.

Learn more about this class and apply now! Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

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