Welcome foundry10, our Newest Community Partner!

​Check out these free or super-low-cost upcoming events & classes!

Please join TeenTix in welcoming foundry10 into our growing list of FRENZ (aka Community Partners)! Foundry10 is a not-for-profit educational organization. They see learning as an opportunity to be curious and explore both inside of classrooms and beyond. Their work includes running programs, collaborating with teachers and industry partners, and conducting scientific research, all to build an expanded and accessible understanding of what it means to learn.

Always offering some sort of awesome, student-led free or extremely low-cost opportunities ($1 a class, what!)–especially in the areas of dance (from hip-hop to ballet) the performing arts, and music-making–they're most active in the fringes of Seattle. For instance, check out what they have going on in the next few weeks in Tacoma and Edmonds!

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Donate to THE 2016 ACCESS FUND + #FlexYourTeenTixMuscles by December 31!

Join our friendly competition + make sure that life-changing arts experiences remain within reach for #EverySingleTeen by making a donation to TeenTix before December 31st!

Ac15 Muscleschart Dec30

It's in YOUR power to ensure that life-changing arts experiences remain within reach for all teens! Donate to TeenTix before December 31st.

Tis' the season for giving, and when you give to TeenTix you can start the new year knowing that you did your part to keep safe, enriching, empowering, inspiring arts experiences accessible to ALL young people.

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#VOTE! Inaugural New Guard ~Leadership Board~ Elections

Meet the nominees for these newly-formed leadership positions on The New Guard, TeenTix's Arts Leadership Society

Vote Usa

TeenTix’s The New Guard: Teen Arts Leadership Society is holding inaugural elections for its ~Leadership Board~, expanding beyond the singular role of President, held by Coco Allred of Skyline High School.

Joining Coco will be the newly-formed roles of Vice President, Secretary/Historian, Finance/Philanthropy Chair, Events Chair, and Peer Engagement Chair.

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There Was Nowhere I Would Have Rather Been

Ananya G. gives us the long and short of her experience in this summer's Culture Writing 101.

In June I graduated high school, and in a few weeks I’ll be moving out of my parents’ home and beginning college. Summer is drawing to a close and reflecting back on it, Culture Writing 101 was one of the coolest (although it was pretty hot) parts of my summer.

The first class was right after my freshman orientation at the University of Washington Seattle campus. I got stuck in rush-hour traffic and ended up being late to the first day! But the minute I walked in, I felt welcome. As I sat down and was greeted by the lovely Ijeoma Oluo, our teacher, I immediately felt like this was where I belonged. We discussed current events and news items and I found myself among peers who shared my opinions and love and passion for social justice that I’ve felt all my life. At my predominantly white, suburban, middle-class high school, people often care more about prom or football games than police brutality or LGBTQIA+ issues. In this class I even found people who read the same feminist blogs as I did!

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’Wicked’ is NOT TeenTix-eligible, BUT…!

​We know you want to see Wicked. We are here to help.


Hey there TeenTixers!

It appears that Wicked-mania is upon us. We've been getting a lot of calls and emails in our office wondering whether Wicked at The Paramount is TeenTix-eligible. Some of you have even been showing up at The Paramount hoping to buy Wicked tickets with your TeenTix pass. We're sorry to have to tell you that WICKED AT THE PARAMOUNT IS NOT TEENTIX ELIGIBLE. You see, Wicked is presented by STG, which is not a TeenTix partner organization. (Shout out to STG! We love you! Thanks again for that rad party you threw us!)

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Culture, Passion, and Community in the Starbucks Newsroom

​TeenTixer April K. Visits Starbucks Headquarters


About a month ago, I shadowed the jobs of members of the Starbucks Newsroom at Starbucks Headquarters. Yes, coffee heaven. Often when we imagine what something will be like, we tend to picture it better than how it is in reality. (I still consider myself a child in this aspect.) However, when I went to coffee heaven, I was out-imagined by Starbucks. The bittersweet aroma of roasted coffee beans filled the air as I walked up to the elevator. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight—the eighth floor was where I was supposed to wait. Once I met with the Newsroom Director, we went straight into the newsroom meeting. Here, I met the rest of the newsroom staff, people with diverse interests and roles in the newsroom. The meetings started out with a delicious tea tasting. The staff talked about news ideas, stories they needed to follow up with, and new systems to make communication easier between the editors and the photographer.

A small presentation was made by the photographer. She laid out a set of pictures. They were iconic pictures and posters, including "V-J Day in Times Square" and Joe Rosenthal's "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima." She then took out another photo she took of a soldier smiling so widely you naturally wonder what he is looking at. I saw the humanity in her photos—something spontaneous, mind-boggling, and hauntingly beautiful. As a musician, an artist, and a performer, I saw the members of the newsroom and their souls shine through their work. Their work, their life, and their being was their art.

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Look What You’ve Done!

​Read our 2014 Annual Report and find out!

Annual Report 2014 Cover Page

Here at TeenTix, we love our supporters more than life itself. Without you, there are no $5.00 teen tickets to the arts, no TeenTix Press Corps, no New Guard, no empowered young arts citizens, no bright future. Nothing. Seriously, you are ensuring the future of civilization. So, hey, thanks for that! We put together this little report as a thank you, a celebration, and a manifesto. Please check it out and learn more about the movement we call TeenTix.

Read our 2014 Annual Report by clicking here.

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This Summer: Intern for TeenTix!

​Snag a spot with TeenTix this summer, and you'll be helping us keep art accessible for young people!

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Do you care about keeping art accessible for young people? How are you with menial duties? Do you like working alongside a group of awesome, fun people who care about art? Come and work with us! We are currently hiring for a Summer 2015 Intern.

Start Date: Flexible, as early as May 2015 End Date: Flexible, late August or early September 2015 Supervisor: Ashraf Hasham, TeenTix Deputy Director Deadline: Rolling

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Apply for the New Guard and BE THE FUTURE

​Attention high school students with a passion for the arts: The New Guard is better than puppies and unicorns.

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Are you always trying to get people to go to shows? Do you value diversity + access? Are you vaguely interested in a career in the arts? Or, perhaps, you're simply the only person you know who likes opera.

Then, it seems, you're a perfect candidate for The New Guard: Teen Arts Leadership Society! What is The New Guard, you ask? (We assume you asked. We can't hear you but we're pretty sure you're telepathically communicating to ask us this question.)

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Announcing Culture Writing with Ijeoma Oluo!


We are thrilled to announce our new writing class, Culture Writing, with writer Ijeoma Oluo!

Ijeoma's work has been featured in The Guardian, City Arts Magazine, the Stranger, Huffington Post, Jezebel, NY Magazine, Medium, Ravishly, SheKnows, XOJane, Time Magazine, The Awl, and The Monarch Review. Most recently, she blew up the internet by compassionately engaging a racist Twitter troll on Martin Luther King Day. (You can follow Ijeoma @ijeomaoluo and you should.) Culture Writing will be a two-month class responding to the explosive growth of serious writing about popular culture. Topics explored will include personal narrative in pop culture writing, race, class, and gender, media literacy, and internet culture. Students will learn to craft better writing, engage more critically with the culture they consume, and give and receive constructive feedback. Culture Writing will be held in July and August at the Seattle Center. It is open to all incoming 11th & 12th graders and college freshmen. If you would like to be notified when applications for Culture Writing become available, click here.

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Cornish students with work/study awards: We’re hiring!

Internblogpost 620 349

Are you a Cornish student with a work/study award? Want to help keep art accessible for young people? Come and work with us!

Our wonderful Member Services Coordinator, Nazlah, is headed off on an academic adventure in Scotland, so we have an immediate opening. Only current Cornish College of Arts students with work/study awards may apply.

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Welcome, Ashraf Hasham, TeenTix Deputy Director!

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Today, I am super thrilled to share that TeenTix has hired Ashraf Hasham to fill the newly created position of Deputy Director. Ashraf's association with TeenTix began when he joined The New Guard (then called the TeenTix Steering Committee) as a 16-year-old junior at Ballard High School. After graduating from Ballard, Ashraf earned his degree in Arts Administration from Wagner College in New York, and then returned to Seattle, where he has held positions at TeenTix partner organizations Henry Art Gallery and On the Boards. I knew Ashraf was special right off the bat--anyone who has met him knows what I'm talking about. He's got an incredible spirit, and he's super smart, dedicated, and driven. It's really exciting to have someone on staff who came up through our programs. Who could be in a better position to make sure that we are doing a great job serving young people? Put that together with the expertise that Ashraf has gained through earning his degree in working in arts nonprofits, and you have someone who is going to do really good things for this organization. I could not be happier.

Please join me in welcoming Ashraf!

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Thank you!!!

P2G Thankyouimage

You did it! Thanks to the your generous donations and the support of ArtsFund, the Raynier Foundation, and Power2Give, TeenTix raised $7190 to fund our move to our brand new headquarters! This is a huge moment in our transition from Seattle Center public program to independent organization, and it is so great to know that we have a community surrounding us that believes in our work. Thank you.

Yesterday, we heard from many of you who had planned to give but couldn't because we had already hit our goal. First of all, WHAT A GREAT PROBLEM TO HAVE. We love you guys. Second of all, don't worry--you can still help support TeenTix and arts accessibility for youth.

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Apply to be a MOHAI Youth Advisor!

Are you destined to be a curator? A docent? A leader in the arts community? It's that time of year again--applications are now open for MOHAI's Youth Advisors!

"MOHAI's Youth Advisors (MYA) is a place for high school students to investigate, explore, and be empowered to create a more teen-friendly museum. This team of 15 high school students, ages 14-18, will meet twice monthly, set goals, and review deliverables. Tasks will include spending time with visitors in the galleries, interviewing peers, attending and reviewing other cultural programs in the area, and program development at MOHAI."

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Teeny Awards 2014 Recap!

​Thanks to our dedicated members, organizations, and contributors, the #TeenyAwards2014 were a smashing success!

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Each year, we gather together our friends, members, and partner organizations to recognize them for the hard work they do. It's a little party we like to call The Teeny Awards. And this year, IT RULED.

Not only did we throw a bangin' party fully equipped with cupcakes, a photo booth, carnival-style swag toss, and button making--we spent the night laughing our butts off with host Lindy West, got to give away an enormous raffle prize of an entire year's worth of arts tickets, generously donated by our partner orgs, and then we had a dance party to finish it all off. We are telling you, this party was almost as good as meeting Lil Bub. Or Taylor Swift. Forreal.

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Ready, Set, Write!


Two BIG things are coming this Fall for teens interested in pursuing writing. Does that sound like you? Read on!

"What is criticism and why does it matter?" Explore this question and more in the Young Critics Workshop! In short, it's an arts criticism seminar open to 11th and 12th graders who are interested in exploring arts journalism. In YCW, you'll take classes, field trips to see art that you'll then review, and have discussions with a panel of real-life arts journalists. This class has been going strong since 2007--join and you'll be a part of the next generation of young arts critics.

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BIG NEWS for TeenTix

We're happy to announce that TeenTix is the recipient of the Pathfinder Award!



Our very own Executive Director of the TeenTix program, Holly Arsenault, met with the Puget Sound Association of Phi Beta Kappa on May 20th to accept the Pathfinder Award. This award honors and recognizes extraordinary leaders in promoting high quality learning and, specifically, they made it super official that we have made a huge impact in the lives of teenagers since our program began. Did you know that TeenTix has facilitated the sale of over 40,000 tickets to the arts?! HOW COOL IS THAT?

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